Raspberry Pi Ajax JavaScript display

I recently created a couple eBay store slideshows for a local business. I used two Raspberry Pi's and some CoffeeScript code to fetch images asynchronously. I »

Most d20 dice are notably imbalanced

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Fixing Exchange email alerts in Symantec Backup Exec

(Exchange 2010 SP3) Sending email from Symantec Backup Exec 2010 as Administrator is problematic, through both SMTP and MAPI. The Administrator account is locked down to »

Automate incremental backups of your family's data with FreeNAS

FreeNAS: network attached storage All harddrives fail. This guide will show you how to create something every home needs: highly efficient automated backups for every computer »

Logging packet loss and repairing ADSL

When you live in the boonies and your internet source is ADSL, connection issues can be frustrating. Like other connection related issues you need to trace »

Facebook group geovisualization

I administer a Facebook group and wanted to visualize the spread of the members on a globe so I looked into using Facebook's Graph API to »